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Orane’s program - Fundamentals in Barbering, takes the students on a comprehensive journey into the world of barbering, leading them to master essential skills in hair cutting, grooming, and customer service. This professional program delves into the artistry of hair-cutting techniques, imparts knowledge about barbering tools and equipment, and instills a deep commitment to sanitation practices. It doesn’t end here! Students of Fundamentals in Barbering become skilled through hands-on training, theoretical classes, and real-world experiences and set out for a successful career as licensed barbers.

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Prospective candidates must:

  1. At least 19 years of age.
  2. A Canadian Secondary School Diploma; a GED certificate, or evidence of successful completion of at least 12 years of secondary study.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate English proficiency through prior education in English at grade 10 level or higher or through an English language assessment (IELTS 5.5 or evidence in a standard test score equivalency).
Standardized Test Scores (minimum requirements)
IELTS (Academic or general) 5.5
Duolingo 85-90
Eiken Pre-1
Cambridge FCE+
CEFR (ie tracktest) B2
PTE 43-50
  1. Learn essential barbering techniques, such as precise and safe haircutting and grooming.
  2. Acquire proficiency in offering consultation and communication with clients, providing appropriate services according to their preferences.
  3. Gain the skills to know how to handle and maintain barbering tools and equipment, ensuring hygiene and longevity.
  4. Acquire knowledge about prioritizing hygienic practices, safety precautions, and cleanliness in accordance with industry norms and laws.

Trainees in this program participate in lesson studies and are required to meet performance standards (overall 70%), pass their final written and practical exams, and meet attendance requirements as set out in the college handbook. The Orane trainer evaluates performance through practical scores (rubrics).

Information on Grade Range (In Rubrics):

  1. 96-100: A+
  2. 90-95: A
  3. 86-89: B+
  4. 80-85: B
  5. 70-79: C
  6. 60-69: D
  7. 50-59: F

A total of 40 hours over 3 weeks.

International Student Fee
Tuition $599
Application Fee NA
Administration Fee NA
Administrative Fee – description & breakdown NA
Textbooks Fee NA
Materials Fee NA
Testing/Assessment Fee NA
Testing/Assessment Fee – description & breakdown NA
Other Fee $400
Other Fee – description breakdown NA
Domestic Student (Canadian & Permanent Resident) Fee
Tuition $599
Application Fee NA
Course Material NA
Assessment Fee NA
Text Book Fee NA
Administrative Fee NA
Other Fee $400

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education,
Skills & Training.

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