Incredible. Great conversation, great hair cut. I got exactly what I asked for, so pleased with the whole experience.


I had the best experience:) thank you!

Danette H.

I’ve had many eyelash tints and the esthetician really made me look like I had lashes.

Danica O.

It is one of the best places to get your hair done. The receptionist is just the sweetest little pea […]

Toheeb G.

It was a pleasure to work with Mrs Peggy Abbott, she was responsive to all questions, dependable and reliable in […]

Lexy D.

Amazing experience here. I had my hair done by Wendy and she was so amazing. Wendy paid special attention to […]


After visiting beauty schools world over, I laud the effort and quality of education imparted at Orane International.

Susan Butler

Orane has evolved over the years, the teaching methodology is highly progressive, with latest trends incorporated.

Sarah Martin

Orane International has wonderful facilities, amazing learning environment and excellent standards of education.

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