Course Retake Policy

Policy for Retaking Courses

Student may need to retake the course or work experience under the following circumstances:

  1. Fails to meet attendance requirements.
  2. Academically fails the course.
  3. Requested leave.

Student can only retake courses with payment of retaking course fee. There is no guarantee that college will offer the required course.

Postpone / Leave for a Current Course

It is strongly recommended to students to speak to the Instructor and/ or Director of Education before deciding to postpone a course or take leave while enrolled in a course. Since some courses have prerequisites, postponing one course may make accessing the next courses difficult.

There is no guarantee that college will offer a required course for a program in the near future.

Leave of Absence/ Change of Status

The “Change of Status” form needs to be completed for the following reasons:

  1. The student wishes to take a leave of absence at any time.
  2. The student cannot finish their program.

Specific program (s) may have regulatory requirements which could impact on leave.

A decision is case by case, the SEA and Director of Education will take into account the reasons of the student circumstances. A decision in writing to approve or deny an a request of absents or extension will be provided to the student. If approved, an agreement setting out a plan of action will be offered to the student.

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