Credit Transfer Policy


In some cases, the College will accept the transfer of core course credit from accredited institutions provided that the course work being evaluated has a passing mark or better standing and the course contains very similar criteria to the course being credited. The maximum amount of transfer credits allowed will not exceed 50%.

Students wishing an assessment of credits from courses taken elsewhere to transfer to the College must submit a completed “Transfer Credit Application” form; official transcripts; course outlines (including learning outcomes) and any other information to support their application.

It is often necessary for the student to provide a detailed course description for courses being considered for transfer credit. It is recommended that the student ask for direction prior to submitted the application form and having to pay any assessment fees.


Enrolled students who wish to transfer credits from other institutions must:

  1. Submit a completed “Transfer Credit Application” Form.
  2. Pay any relevant fees (may be non refundable).
  3. Make an appointment with the College administration for evaluation of the courses that will be transferred.
  4. Student must provide the their original or official transcripts, program and course outlines.
  5. Course work being evaluated must meet the passing mark from the institution. Course work less than the passing mark will not be considered for transfer credit.

It may take up to 14 days to process a course credit evaluation. There is no guarantee that the transfer credit request will be approved.

Specific programs / courses may have particular regulatory requirements.

The evaluation procedure and criteria is provided for administrators in a separate document.

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