Student Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is expected in all courses - be those lessons in class or on line.

Promptness is expected at the beginning of class and after each break.

Program/ course outlines determine required attendance for specific programs. For all current programs, 80% attendance is required.

General Principles

Attendance in classes is necessary and missing classes can affect student learning.

If students are having any issues which may affect their attending class for any reason they should discuss this with the Instructor.

Excusable absences may include: medical/ health issues, serious personal issues. Students should discuss pending excusable absences as soon as possible with their instructor. A memo should be included in the students file and the matter referred to the SEA if the absence may adversely affect student progress in the program.

  1. Each course instructor will record and monitor the attendance of all students daily.
  2. The on-site administrator will maintain the students’ attendance records.
  3. Students will be warned of attendance issues by their instructor so to resolve the matter.
  4. If unexcused absenteeism is chronic, an ‘attendance contract’ may be arranged with the student; the SEA (Senior Education Administrator) may provide a written academic warning.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to:
  1. Maintain the attendance requirement.
  2. Report any absence due to illness or other reason to the College’s reception desk staff (or leave message) within 2 hours on the first and all subsequent days of absence either by phone or e-mail.
  3. Discuss any pending excusable attendance with their instructor.
  4. Provide a doctor’s note to support absences of more than 3 consecutive days.

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