Student Withdraw Policy

If a student decides to withdraw from a program, he/she must provide a dated, written, notice of withdrawal to Onsite Administrator or front office. Refunds are calculated according to the college Refund Policy and the date on which the written notice of withdrawal is received will be used to determine any refund owing.

An international student whose application for a study permit has been denied is entitled to a refund, if a copy of the denial letter is provided to the College prior to the program start date.

  • The written notice of withdrawal may be delivered in any manner provided that a receipt or other verification is available that indicates the date on which the notice is delivered.
  • The notice of withdrawal or dismissal is deemed to be effective from the date it is delivered.
  • The refund to which a student is entitled is calculated on the total tuition fees due under the contract.

Where total tuition fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date and a student may be required to make a payment for monies due under the contract.

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