Hello, I’m Ms. Ritu. I took the plunge and became an Orane franchisee in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, back in 2016. Trust me, it’s been a transformative experience.


One of the things that have consistently impressed me about Orane is their commitment to growth and quality. Since the start of my journey, I’ve seen how the team places a strong focus on staff upgradation and certification. This approach ensures that we’re always offering the latest and highest-quality training to our students. Moreover, their technical support has been exceptional, providing expert consultation for all client needs.


Fast forward to 2023, and the fruits of this partnership are evident. The dedicated effort from Orane has not only elevated my business but also established it as a beacon of quality education in beauty and wellness. We’ve trained hundreds of successful professionals who’ve gone on to make their marks in the industry.

Thanks, guys!

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